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7 Days & 1 Backpack - What I Packed for Vancouver

For me, packing for a trip is always something to be dreaded. I try to make it organized from excel sheets to mood boards, but when the time comes I’m trying to rationalize why I wouldn’t need to pack every piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. This trip I tried to be different. This trip I am traveling with my mom, who if you know anything about her, is heckin hardcore. She has traveled a good bit of the world and has always commented on a key of traveling is to be modest. So I goaled myself to pack beyond modestly - only bring what pieces would fit in my favorite backpack.

My mom and are I traveling to Vancouver and Victoria for seven days. We plan on hiking, whale watching, beer and coffee drinking, and shopping. As someone who very much believes in dressing for the occasion I had to pack outfits that could go from adventure chick to adventure chic. I packed the pieces that felt most like home to me - from my favorite vintage tees and jeans to a my newest dress obsession. I wanted to feel practical, but still excited to get dressed every morning.

What I packed:

⁃ 2 sweaters

⁃ 1 chambray blouse, 1 yellow gingham blouse, and 1 white flowy blouse

⁃ 2 vintage tees

⁃ 1 bodysuit

⁃ 1 casual and 1 “cocktail” dress

⁃ 1 light wash denim, 1 dark wash denim

⁃ 1 gingham skirt

⁃ 2 different workout wear sets

⁃ 1 hat

⁃ 1 pair of sneakers and 1 pair of sandals I could dress up with a dress

⁃ 2 pairs of earrings

⁃ 1 bandana

⁃ 1 book, 1 notebook, & 1 magazine

⁃ A camera

And voila! A weeks worth of mixing and matching all of my favorite pieces. All looks will be featured on my Instagram & on my blog post once our trip is over. If you have any tips or questions please let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love!

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