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A Bodega & Trenchcoat: A Love Story

A bodega & a trenchcoat seem to go together like a gingham dress and a picnic, especially on a dreary day when everything that could possibly go wrong - does. That is the beauty of it I guess - I was able to put on pretty clothes and meet up with a dear friend to create something we were able to be incredibly excited about, despite everything else that was going on in our worlds. At the beginning of the shoot Franki Valli's Can't Take My Eyes Off You played and the magic started flowing. To the end we were laughing and a wonderful stranger yelled, "Don't worry, you'll make to Vogue!" Life is funny and beautiful in that way and it all started with a bodega and a trenchcoat.

All film photos taken by Rachel Tess Eddy

Outfit all vintage/thrifted

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