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Atlanta Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I am creating this Atlanta gift guide to hopefully inspire you to shop locally during the holidays. Buying thoughtful gifts for your loved ones is pretty cool, but also knowing that your money is going to kind and good people is also something to be proud of. I hope you enjoy all of these marvelously talented ladies.

Gifting Flowers - GARDENIA: truly a gift that keeps on giving. My favorite flower shop offers a flower subscription where you can get flowers delivered monthly to your home! I would like to mention that these are not your average bouquets - everything Ayla, the shop owner, touches turns into beauty. I could not recommend a more artful or thoughtful gift for your flower loving friend. You can find more information here or stop by the store and shop all their beautifully curated goodies while you’re at it.

Gifting Fine Art - MEGAN HUNTZ : Guys, you know I am a true fan of Megan Huntz. Not only is she one of my favorite designers, she is also a complete joy to be around. Her shop is a dream and if you stop by you will leave feeling inspired and hopefully with my favorite sweater in your hand. The Fine Arts sweater is the perfect gift for any of your art loving friends and you get to support an incredible Atlanta designer. Win - win!

You can also buy the sweater online here.

Gifting Vintage - COCO + MISCHA : I know buying vintage for a loved one sounds super daunting, but the ladies at Coco + Mischa have such killer taste it makes it pretty dang easy. They not only have a wonderfully curated selection of vintage, but also local jewelry. Need new tortoise shell earrings? They have the perfect pair. Need a dreamy concrete pipe? Done. You can shop their location at Ponce City Market or their pop - up shop in the West Side Provision!

Stay on top of their Instagram here

A gift for yourself - FLAWLESS LASHES : With how hectic the holidays can feel treating yourself just a little can feel needed. A lash lift and tint makes your mornings just a little easier by eliminating a need for mascara and your holiday looks just a little sassier. You can book your appointment with the lovely Pangie here .

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