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California Photo Diary

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

To celebrate the birth of my best friend, soul sister, and partner in crime, Scottie, we packed up our bags and ran away from reality for a few days. We split our time between Malibu, L.A., and Santa Monica and enjoyed a weekend of self indulgence. While I grew up in Las Vegas and spent a good bit of time in California this trip electrified my love for this place.

Thank you The Surfrider Malibu for having us and for providing the most honorable service we have ever received. Thank you Scottie Lee Henry for being born so we could have this magical weekend together. Thank you for being so resilient and a constant source of love and inspiration for me and those around you. I love you so dearly.

Enjoy a film and digital photo diary of all the beautiful things we saw, ate, and drank.

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