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As some of you guys know - the subject of childhood trauma is very close to me. After surviving emotional and sexual abuse at a young age and throughout my adolescence I have spent many years working on not letting these cruel acts define me and the way I see the world. Healing trauma can feel like an impossible feat and takes an incredible amount of time and work. I was incredibly lucky enough to have a mother who was unwavering in her efforts to create a home that was safe and unconditionally loving after our abuse. Without her complete support in whatever it took to help me heal I believe I would be in a much darker place. After 10 years in and out of therapy I am still learning how to navigate my mind and my triggers, but every day I am thankful for the strides I have taken. I understand it is a privilege to be able to go through the amount of therapy I have had and I think its a complete injustice that others have not had the same opportunity to afford help. This is what fuels me to do everything that I do. With every fiber in my being I want to make people feel safe and loved and accepted. So how do we actually do this? How do we actually make an impact on a greater scale? You can start by clicking my link to donate to CHRIS 180 (Creativity, Honor, Respect, Integrity, and Safety) - a nonprofit that provides children, adults, and families with high-quality, trauma informed behavioral health services and support systems. They have counseling centers, group homes, adoptions services, Drop In centers for homeless youth, supportive housing for single and parenting youth, and in home programs to support families. Through this link you can connect any debit or credit card and donate either the rounded-up change from your everyday purchases or a fixed amount per day. By simply donating even 29 cents a day resulting to just 10 dollars a month you can be assured of the big difference you will make. People are capable of surviving so much pain and they continue to grow and live and love and that is the most incredible thing. I believe more than anything in giving people the right tools to do so.

Here is the link to donate

Thank you so so so much

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