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Denver In Film

Sky & I took a much needed trip to Denver, CO to visit my mom a few weeks back. I never realize how badly I need these trips until I am flooded with emotions when I arrive. As someone who likes to think she is even the slightest bit emotional evolved and aware, it's not until I am in the presence of my mother I realize how much I keep bottled in. Being with her is my chance to recharge - she reminds me of the beauty in everything, how the majority of people are good, and how much I truly enjoy living and feeling. This trip we laughed and cried and visited new places and fell in love with our surroundings. The snowy Denver was a magical place to visit and I was beyond ecstatic to bring my film camera with me. I really enjoy the thoughtfulness required when taking film photos. Some of the photos turned out and others didn't, but the process of learning has been so fulfilling. Starting new hobbies has always terrified me because of the constant fear of failure, but I am trying to let go of those fears and accept my failures with open arms.

The Brown Palace Hotel was beyond dreamy. A pianist was playing in the background while we gushed over the beautiful architecture of this iconic hotel.

But do you even have a film camera if you don't take an excessive amount of pictures of neon signs??

We visited the Stanley Hotel where Stephen King stayed in the 70's which later inspired The Shining. I didn't know how much this would mean to me until we were there. I totally nerded out and fell in love with the building. We will definitely be going back for a night to spend more time at that dreamy bar and check out the ghost tours.

We spent a whole day driving around small towns, stopping in every antique store we passed, drinking cup after cup of coffee and finding the best spot for cherry pie. It was the perfect day and reminded me of all the small things I love so much in life. I left this trip feeling revived and overflowing with gratitude and love.

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