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Fashion Month Comes To An End

If you are still following me on Instagram after Fashion Month - thank you! This time of the year is the most exciting for me. Seeing all of the beautiful pieces come together so thoughtfully and anticipating all of the upcoming trends makes my heart race. Practically every night I am on Vogue Runway gushing over all my favorite designers while describing every piece in detail to a slightly reluctant Schuyler (let's be real - I really think I work for Man Repeller).

Here are some of the pieces that inspired me the most:

As you might have noticed by now I have a pretty set taste. I personally like to call it Parisian Prairie Princess. I want to look like I am ready to ride a horse, have a sassy picnic is Paris, and be a Victorian Princess. So naturally these pieces screamed my name. As Man Repeller has coined the term "ankle-grazing" all of these dresses and skirts share my favorite length which makes me very happy. From cream on cream on cream to pistachio and rust orange all of these colors make up what my dreams look like. I pretty much just want to look like a dang heckin sorbet sunset (*cough* that Ulla Johnson number *cough*). These silhouettes are timeless and playful and I cannot wait to get my hands on these trends.

Did you guys have a favorite show or a favorite trend you're excited about? I would love to hear! Comment below :)

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