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Find Of The Week Pt. 2

Is anyone else completely obssesed with Susan Alexandra's bags?!? They are pretty much a dream come true for me. I found this vintage beaded bag on Depop that is super similar to the ones she's making right now and freaked the heck out. I love how easily it can spice up a simple look or make a dramatic look a million times more dramatic.

I have been pretty much carrying this bag around with me every day so it's seen a bunch of different looks, but for this shoot I brought it to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens because I thought it would be the dreamiest covered in flowers. I styled it with my favorite pair of jeans - the "Mom" fit by Topshop (bought at Buffalo Exchange), this flouncy blouse from H&M and my new favorite lime green sock boots from Mango.

I listened to Milord by Edith Piaf while getting ready and made the decision that I am going to move into the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to always be surrounded by flowers.

Photos by Natalia Kacala @nathehuman

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