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Find Of The Week Pt. 3

On this week's edition of "Find of the week" I'm screaming about scrunchies! I found these beauties from Buffalo Exchange and immediately ignored the fact that my hair is still a little too short for them. I didn't even know how badly I needed such an accessory until I found them and realized they would complete every outfit I ever wore.

I paired my scrunchie with a girly (aka strong and pretty) drink, my favorite obnoxiously big earrings from Zara, a velvet floral dress, red tights (also an essential), and these adorable mules. I had a wonderful conversation in this outfit over drinks with an incredible and inspiring woman. This all happened after a long day of court where I was given the chance to speak up for myself after being assaulted a few weeks before. Needless to say I was emotionally exhausted, but was brought back to life by wonderful company and the excitement that I feel after putting together a great outfit. 

I listened to Dreams Tonite by Alvvays while getting dressed and took pictures in Little 5 Points, which is an iconic location in Atlanta and a perfect place to show off  such an essential accessory.

Photo by the wonderful Natalia Kacala

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