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Getaway House Photo Diary

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Over this past weekend we had the pleasure of staying in Getaway House's new Atlanta Outpost. Tucked away from the city in the mountains of North Georgia it is the perfect space to hide away from reality and take a few days to enjoy the beauty this state has to offer. While driving through the windy mountain roads I felt overwhelemed by how much I felt at ease and at home here. We spent the slow mornings drinking copious amounts of coffee and watching the sunrise over the foggy hillside. The Outpost creates a space that let's you experience this beauty in such an honest way while still being able to have the luxuries of "glamping". It all comes together so perfectly it's hard pack your things up and drive back into reality.

Link to Overalls Link to Tee

These photos are a mix of digital and film. I have loved bringing along a film camera with me on our travels. It's a fun surprise to see how these turn out after the trip has ended.

Link to Romper

Link to Dress

I didn't even have time to put on makeup or do my hair to take these photos because the light was so incredible. I woke up and screamed "this is so Pride & Prejudice!" and ran out the door with the camera. It was truly a magical and raw moment. I quoted Jane Austen A LOT.

We later headed to Wolf Mountain Vineyard in Dahlonega, an easy 30 minute drive from the camping site. The grounds were breathtaking and the service was lovely. We bought a bottle of Rosé and walking around the vineyard taking in every second of its beauty. We later shared a burrata and prosciutto plate overlooking the winery and hills of North Georgia.

Link to Tee Link to Jeans

We retired back to the site after hiking a nearby path. For dinner we sipped on an Old Fashion and roasted corn and kabobs over the fire. Sky worked on his painting and I curled up with a book and locked my phone away for the evening.

Link to Bathing Suit Link to Jeans

Not until we were driving back I felt the heaviness in my heart creeping back. After leaving places or people who feel like home I often feel anxiety. This time I let myself lean into that pain because I knew my heart needed to be reminded of how much I love being in the mountains. Staying at Getaway House was a complete joy and I recommend it fully to anyone near an Outpost. If you use the code "MADOLYN25" when you book your stay you can get $25 off.

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This trip was gifted but all opinions are my own.

All clothing was provided by Abercrombie & Fitch.

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