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Keeping Up With Trends While Shopping Secondhand

I try really hard to be a conscious shopper. I definitely have moments of weakness, but I am consistently trying to make more mindful decisions on where I am spending my money. The beauty of shopping secondhand is knowing that you are reducing waste while also not breaking the bank. Shopping at consignment/thrift stores can feel super frustrating especially when you are looking for pieces that are current or have elements of current trends. Normally, before I go shopping I have a loose mood board in my mind for what I'm looking for - it really makes the process feel less intimidating.

Links to pieces 1 & 2

I found these two pieces on & Other Stories and was completely inspired by them. I've been really excited to see the structured workwear shirt become popular again and I'm always a fan of a plaid trouser so with this look in mind I headed out to my favorite recycled fashion shop and began hunting.

I found these pieces at Buffalo Exchange (duh) & spent a total of $20 on this vintage outfit! I try to be mindful of what I consume especially when it comes to clothing. As someone who would without a doubt choose to buy a pretty dress over a meal I can accept that may not be the healthiest way to be (*insert Sex and the City reference*) so this is helps me make more conscious and kind decisions when buying clothing.

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