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New York On Film : Day One

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I have spent the majority of my life romanticizing New York. I believe my fascination with it started as I grew up watching You've Got Mail. I know you guys have heard me scream about this movie, but truly it has built me into being the person I am. For me it portrays so many different types of love so fluidly and with so much kindness. Kathleen Kelly is known and trusted for her impeccable taste and her unwavering ability to be kind. She loves in such a brave way - it feels absolutely impossible to not fall in love with her. As I grew up with the idea that New York was a romantic place that consumed you and made you want to buy school supplies in the fall my expectations were incredibly high when I planned this trip. I have been saying for years that I was going to go and finally I said "fuck it" and booked a flight with the lovely Rachel Tess Eddy. I wish I was exaggerating when I said I could not even think about this trip without crying - it was such a huge milestone for me. I always joke that I love New York because I need something to really chew me up and spit me back out, but the reality of it was that I have never felt more nurtured by a place. I felt at home, I felt in love, I felt safe and scared all at the same time. It was fucking exhilarating.

We stayed at the Ace Hotel's new concept hotel, Sister City, in the Lower East Side. Our room had a terrace with the most breathtaking view of the city that would just break your heart. The first day was rainy which made running around taking photos a dream. We walked to Little Italy and ate an ungodly amount of bread and sipped on wine while we watched the rain pour down. These moments were so surreal and I never wanted them to end.

I will be sharing my feelings and photos from each individual day so stay tuned for more. I hope you can feel all of the love.

Jacket gifted from Sézane

Vintage trousers from CharTeuse Vintage

All film photos taken by Rachel Tess Eddy

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