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New York On Film: Day Three

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

I have put this blog post off because I really haven't had the words left to write about it. While in New York I felt completely nourished by the city in a creative way, then I came home to Atlanta and I was reminded of all the love I have for every beautiful human that resides here. This has been a year of intense emotional, physical, and creative growth. A year that could have been excruciating, but instead so many people took me in and supported me without me even asking for it. I have never felt so safe and so loved and so supported in my whole entire life. This New York trip was the catalyst for reminding me of exactly who I want to be and I was lucky enough to come home to the most supportive community who constantly empowers that feeling. I know that eventually I will end up in New York, but for now I am overwhelmed with love for my home and completely humbled by all of the incredible people I get to be inspired by on the daily basis. More than anything this is a love story to myself, to my friends, to New York, and to every single other thing that has built me.

All film photos taken by my favorite Rachel Tess Eddy

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