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Noises For Summer - A Collaboration with Khariff Tyson

When Khariff, @godstrut, and I first met I was a little intimidated. He was so confident in himself and so articulate when it came to his fashion opinions. I knew right away I wanted to be friends. Our style choices are different because we are different. We as a people are beautiful in that way. We have opinions and dreams and fears and doubts and all of those are beautiful as well. The most important part about collaboration in any capacity (relationships/friendships/parental/professional) is respect. Khariff and I respect each other’s difference and always come away learning or accepting a little more then when we started. In regards to specifically fashion, I respect no ones opinion as mush as I do his. He just gets it.

There is a ying and yang, a harmony, or some call it sacred geometry, when the chaos of the world is able to come together in beautiful and unique ways.

That sentiment is partly why we chose the museum to shoot at. We wanted a space both clean and serine, but full of warmth and art. After wandering around inside we decided the exterior was actually just as beautiful and highlighted that same juxtaposition we had come to appreciate in our friendship. The strong geometric shapes over the rolling green grass, and the amazing play of light and dark shadows. Opposites coming together to create something beautiful.

Khariff created a playlist to help memorialize these moments. It’s so intentionally dreamy and powerful.

I hope you enjoy!

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