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The Beauty of Falling in Love (With Everything Around You) + A Playlist

There are times where I feel so overwhelmed by my senses -like the world slows down and I am seeing everything for the first time. During these times I don't even know what to do with myself. There are no words I can think of to describe the fire that I feel inside me or the beauty that I see around me and honestly most of the time all I can do is cry. It's a state of wonder that I try to remind myself exists within me, a time where I fall in love with everything around me. Like walking down the street on the perfect fall day listening to the perfect song and getting actual butterflies. Or when you get to spend the day feeling inspired by watching someone create something they are proud of or expressing what they are afraid of or watching strangers fall in love. It's humbling and reminds me of what I love about living.

I have so much love to give that it feels like it is literally going to explode out of me. It bleeds into everything that I do, or in times of loneliness it reminds me that there is the sky and art and good food and the fact that there will never actually be a lack of love. I guess what I am trying to say is that I think being in a constant state of awe of everything around me has saved me in so many ways.

Enjoy some photos and a playlist that I feel depict what it's like to let yourself fall in love. Put on a pretty dress, go to beautiful places that bring you to tears, feel everything as deeply as possibly.

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All film photos taken by Rachel Tess Eddy

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