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The Joy of the Perfect Vintage Dress

You know that feeling when you find that vintage piece that makes your whole entire soul sing? Like the world stops and it's just you and that piece of clothing and you can see your whole entire future with it - where you'll wear it, who you'll be in it, all of the lovely people you could meet in it. The possibilities are endless and it's the most exhilarating feeling. That's exactly how I felt when I found this beauty from Sarah Louise Brand's (a long time favorite human on Instagram) new vintage shop, Another Matinee. She has thoughtfully and lovingly curated the most magical selection of vintage, practically every single piece feels like home.

Rachel and I hit the town and took photos all over the city to later go see a favorite artist of ours, Julia Jacklin, where we cried together. This dress has lived so many lives and I feel honored I get to spend one with it.

All film photos by Rachel Tess Eddy

Vintage dress from Another Matinee

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