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What Blogging Means To Me

It has now been a little over a week since I left my job to pursue blogging full time. I never dreamed of being able to find a hobby so fulfilling - let alone being able to turn it into a career. Being able to write about clothing and life to you lovely people is everything I have ever wanted. Before I knew blogging could be a thing I struggled with what exactly I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to be surrounded by clothes and I wanted to make people feel safe and heard and loved, but struggled with what platform felt right.  After pursuing other outlets and feeling discouraged I found bloggers like @prettylittlefawn, @wldrnessa, and @honeynsilk, who had such spectacular taste, elegance, and kindness.  Inspired by these wonderful women I then started writing - having no idea of what it would turn into or what in the heck I was even doing. As time passed I realized how fun it was to create a feed that was cohesive and how much I loved the thoughtfulness behind styling photos and sharing all of the things that I found the most beautiful. I fell more in love every single day with the idea of being able to do this as a profession. Sky built me a backdrop in our living room so I could take phots of my outfits everyday and built me a desk and wardrobe unit to show off my vintage dresses to keep me inspired. Soon after, he bought me a camera and we learned how to take photos together! Being able to work with him on this feels like the biggest miracle - I really could not imagine anything cooler than working with my husband on something that I love oh so much.

Handmade backdrop that started it all. Circa 2015

My office + vintage collection circa 2015

Time passed and I realized there was nothing I really enjoyed doing more than this. I never saw myself as a work for yourself type - the thought of leaving a job that I loved very much was daunting, but I knew that if I didn't let myself give my all to this I would never forgive myself. So here we are - three years later - still not knowing exactly what the heck I am doing but feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement for the future. I cannot thank you enough or really ever put into words how much it means that all of you have supported me throughout this journey and it is all thanks to you that I get to follow my dreams.

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